About the study


People with obesity are at greater risk of type two diabetes, some cancers, heart disease, stroke, infections like COVID-19 and mobility problems. However, men rarely take part in weight loss services. Together with men who have tried to lose weight, we designed a new weight loss service.

GAME OF STONES AIMS to find out if text messages (with and without cash incentives) can help men to lose weight over 1 year and keep it off for another year compared to a waiting list group.

KEY QUESTIONS THIS STUDY WILL ANSWER: Do men lose weight and keep it off? What are the costs and benefits for men and the NHS? Does the service help men who are less well-off as well as the more well-off? What are men’s experiences

THE FINDINGS will be shared with the public, men’s health groups and health service staff through social media, blogs, reports, presentations and research papers.